Innovative bacterial products for the
treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal inflammation in people and animals

Ferryx win Best Elevator Pitch award at Tech-Xpo 2021

July 2021

Ferryx has participated in SETsquared Bristol’s prestigious Tech-Xpo 21 competition; Tech- Xpo is a platform that introduces new technology for start-ups and helps increase investment. The event is annually held by SETSquared Bristol which is the world's top leading incubator for start-ups offering world-class business support programs.

On Wednesday 30 June, Ferryx competed alongside ten other Bristol-led start-ups to win the ‘Best Elevator Pitch’.

The occasion was a hybrid event for the first time since its first edition in 2004. Bristol enterprise hub and Engine Shed merged the companies’ best live pitches along with an extended audience of influential investors and business leaders.

In her pitch, the CEO of Ferryx, Jenny Bailey, discussed the importance of having an effective treatment for gut inflammation that is without side effects for the 6.8 million people worldwide suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. In her own words, Jenny Bailey said in her winning pitch: “We have a product that does just that.”

Ferryx lead product (FX856) is a live bacteria that is able to function during active inflammation. This product has been designated Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and it can immediately hit the market as a food supplement. On top of that, it has a much-shortened development pathway compared to a regular pharmaceutical product.

In her acceptance speech, Jenny Bailey said: “We are absolutely thrilled to win Tech-Xpo’s Best Elevator Pitch. It’s not about the trophy for us but about the opportunity to improve the quality of life of millions of people suffering from gut inflammation. This event has already helped us make some important connections which we hope will assist us in progressing our plans towards this important goal.”

Ferryx is looking forward to announcing its first UK license agreement and is seeking initial investment to accelerate its pharmaceutical market growth. If you are an investor who is excited about this opportunity and ready to embark with us on this journey, contact us now for more information.

Ferryx partners with AB Agri in first broiler chicken trial of stress-responsive probiotic

April 2021

Live bacteria alternative to chemical intervention has significant poultry welfare implications

Ferryx, a Bristol-based biotech start-up today announced that it has signed a partnership to conduct the first ever UK poultry trials of its lead product, with AB Agri, a global agri-food business focussed on food security and sustainability.

AB Agri will conduct a trial of Ferryx FX856, a live bacterial feed additive in broiler chickens, assessing its impact on health, welfare and productivity in farmed birds. If the trial is successful, AB Agri will begin work to develop FX856 into a commercial product. Ferryx is managing the manufacturing process and consulting throughout the live trial period.

FX856 is a live bacteria, which has been developed by University of Bristol spin-out Ferryx, that is proven to survive and thrive in the gut of an animal which is stressed, an area where many currently available probiotics fail. As the global agricultural sector continues to reduce and remove antibiotics and zinc oxide from animal feed, maintaining gut health can become more challenging and it is important that producers have alternative solutions.

AB Agri’s trials of FX856 aim to investigate its efficacy in poultry, after it has consistently demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects and has been shown to mitigate the effects of stress on the GI system in other species. If successful, the product is expected to reduce incidence and severity of episodes of poor gut health, improving health and welfare of animals and improving efficiency and productivity.

Dr Jennifer Bailey, CEO at Ferryx commented, “We are pleased to be partnering with AB Agri on this hugely exciting project. The company has a great reputation for leading global bio-tech innovation advances which have animal health and welfare at their core. They are the ideal partners for the first large-scale trial of our novel, stress-responsive bacterial product”.

“Continuing to look for the best technology to meet our customer’s needs is at the forefront of our objectives” says Dr Nell Masey O’Neill, AB Agri’s Innovation Director. “Collaboration is key to our innovation model and we are really excited to partner with the team at Ferryx to investigate this exciting new probiotic bacteria.”

Mike Bedford, R&D Director at AB Vista, AB Agri’s feed additive business adds, “Increasingly within animal nutrition, attention is being given not only to the nutrition provided directly to the animal, but to that of the gut microbiota due to the crucial role it plays in gut health and immune function. We have been developing our knowledge in this area for quite some time, and we see this partnership as enhancing that knowledge base to bring to the global animal nutrition industry”.

About Ferryx

Ferryx is a University of Bristol spin-out biotech company which specialises in scientific innovation in treatment of inflammatory diseases. Formed by CEO Dr Jennifer Bailey and Tristan Cogan (CTO), Ferryx researches and produces live biotherapeutic products for human and veterinary use. Incorporated in 2019, the company was the 2020 runner up in the University of Bristol New Enterprise scheme funding awards, and the winners of the Techspark SPARKies ‘Good’ award

About AB Agri

AB Agri manufactures animal feed, nutrition- and technology-based products and offers data services for the agri-food industry. It operates all along the food industry supply chain. It produces and supplies compound animal feed, feed additives, specialised feed ingredients and a range of value-added services to farmers, feed and food manufacturers, processors and retailers.

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